April 25, 2009

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The Northeast has had some pretty stormy weather lately. This is what my piece for the Disintegration Collaboration looks like today - April 25. The most significant changes have been:

It seems to have less presence than before; it hasn't shrunk so I can only assume it is because it is not eye level, in other words I'm looking down at it.

1. It is hanging at least a foot lower then when it started - see above under general
2. It is upside down
3. The vertical cotton string holding the pieces together has completely unwound (see #1)
4. The long weathered wood piece toward the top of the bundle is now in the garden (see photo)
5. The small bit of orange encaustic also is in the garden (photo)

1. The label also has fallen into the garden and is hanging out with the wooden piece (photo).

1. The corrugated piece of board is totally gone and I think some of the organza also is gone.

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Seth said...

Thanks for documenting the process of disintegration here. Some of the changes seem subtle and some more impactful. But you definitely have achieved a great collaboration with nature!!