September 14, 2008


Give me some feedback here? Will women vote republican just because Sarah Palin is on the ticket? Am I crazy, but is that one of the most insulting ideas republicans have ever come up with? Or is it something else? They're pushing the "maverick" idea, but neither McCain or Palin are mavericks; they're traditional, no new ideas, lets just follow bush, he did so well for US (not U.S).

Let's vote them out. Get rid of them. Out!! Out!!! Out!!!!

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September 11, 2008

September 11

This post is to remember my friend Brian Paul Dale who was on flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles. When he died he left a wife and three children under the age of five. He was a wonderful, smart, warm hearted, generous person with enormous patience - he taught me to drive a car when I was 36-years-old. I think of him often and know his family misses him terribly. He was so dependable and honorable, he had wonderful parents and siblings. He had such a big presence that it's hard to believe he's not alive. So this is to remember him.

I made this collage right after I found out he died. I thought the two legs represented both the twin towers and how it felt like there was a big weight pressing down on everyone.