October 10, 2008


First and second are: Martha and Fran (class assistant extraordinaire), third is a closeup of Martha's packets. Next a photo of Pippa and what might be one of her pieces. Again, I need to do another post to add more photos. I guess I'll need to make each photo file smaller. Thanks for looking.

If you have any comments or questions about how the work was produced, just write and I'll try to answer them.


Ginny sent great photos of the class at Peters Valley. As said we had a really good class, extremely intense, lots of hard work. I had a hard time identifying some of the work, so if it's yours claim it in a comment to this post. First photo is of Ginny, second is another one of her pieces, third is Barbara with one of her pieces, fourth is a closer view of the piece. Fifth is a photo of Alice.
That's all I'm allowed in terms of photos. Check next post for more.