August 28, 2008

Thoughts on the Democratic Convention

I'm not one to watch conventions, and I really wanted Hillary to be the nominee, but that didn't happen. I've been watching this one, and it's not so awful. John Kerry and Joe Biden spoke well and truthfully about John McCain. It's interesting that there were two speeches saying that Obama would pass health care for everyone when I think that wasn't the plan he put forth, at least not last time I looked. I'd be happy if everyone could get health care. It's a major worry. Health care is so important. I'm reminded of that whenever I think of people outside major metropolitan areas. Not that there aren't terrible doctors all over, but if there are many doctors to choose from you can always go somewhere else. If you're in a rural area you're stuck with the one awful doctor. I know this doesn't have to do with being covered, but I thought I'd just throw it in anyway.

August 22, 2008

New Class Knowledge and Photos

I took an interesting class taught by Hollie Heller last weekend. It was basically a collage and transfer class. In a strange quirk, Hollie knew some of the students in the very first collage and transfer class I ever took - taught at the 92nd Street Y in NYC by the fabulous Pennie Umbrico.

Most interesting, for me, was being able to translate anything that was remotely two dimensional into a transfer by putting it onto an ink jet printer with special transfer paper. Then ironing in onto a piece of sheer polyester and use it in a collage. The other processes were familiar, but I was pleased to be able to put them together again as I have been concentrating on other art forms and had forgotten how much I enjoyed collage.

Unfortunately, my camera went kaput while I was photographing and so only a few photos will appear here. Ginny promised to send photos to me; if that happens I'll post additional ones.

The first photo is of one of Ginny's collages (still on the screen), next are a few examples of the scores of "packets" Martha was quietly making for two days. Unlike the rest of us, she put all of them very neatly into an envelope. The next three photos are of my collages, a lovely portrait of Randi wearing a perfectly ironed silk shirt is next and an example of her work follows.

Of the collages I made, my favorite is the one with a light blue background and line drawings. Hollie encouraged me to start a series but much larger and now I have the beginnings of four collages each about 2' x 3'. I'll post photos as I complete them.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met some interesting and talented women, I hope to see some of them again-you know who you are.