July 27, 2008

Jane Mayer - The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals

I've been watching Bill Moyers interview Jane Mayer about her new book. The reason I feel compelled to write is that he raised the issue of psychiatrists working with and in some cases designing the ways to torture. I'm sure I heard surprise in his voice - I'm hoping that was a way to encourage an answer because if it isn't he is demonstrating significant naivete. I thought Jane Mayer's response also was in the same tone. Historically doctors of all kinds have been involved in designing torture as well as making sure prisoners being tortured are tortured just enough, but not too much? Have Moyers and Mayer not been reading any recent history about the CIA and its training of torturers in South and Central America in the 1970s and 1980s? Can they really be surprised that the CIA would use the same methods, and even more, when this country was attacked. Unfortunately, not only does it show naivete, it also shows a conceit that the United States and its ideals are above that. I hope my perceptions are not accurate. Maybe they see their role as one of balance and fair mindedness, no commentary, just the facts. But in the situations Jane writes about, when one human being is debasing another, anger and horror are more appropriate.

More Photos From Experimental Mark Making Class

These photos were here, and then they were gone, and now I've put them up again. Hope they remain here. But who knows. The first photo is Lori Glessner who taught the class, second is Rae, in her Liquitex official work apron, third is me looking tired. I think I may need different color hair - maybe red?

July 17, 2008


Tuesday I saw a terrific art exhibit in Manhattan at Deitch Projects on Wooster near Canal. It was an exhibit by Os Gemeos (the twins which they are) who use latex house paint and found objects for their art, assemblage and music. I've posted a few photos of the exhibit called Too Far Too Close. It's up until August 9th. If you have a chance it's worth trying to see.

July 15, 2008


Fabulous Markmaking class at Peters Valley in Layton, NJ over July 4th weekend. Photos are below. I was lucky to get most of us with our work, but for two they appear separately. The minimalist work belongs to the woman contemplating it from a distance. The collage belongs to the woman taking photos with her cell phone. I mixed those photos up and they are not adjacent to the artist who made them. Sorry, my first post and I'm not proficient yet. And most unfortunately, none of Lori Glessner who did an excellent job teaching us all and I missed getting a photo of the teaching assistant and one other artist. Rats.


Thanks to John Shore for the two photos of the baby seal and to Susan Bachurski for the photos of the rays. All were taken in the Galapagos Islands. Sounded like a fabulous trip.